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Business Structures

As a professional consultant, you spend plenty of time determining how other businesses work. But how much time have you put into determining the shape of your own business?

Stretagic Planning

Our team of expert strategic planning consultants can lead your planning sessions using our best practices, real-world experience, and hands-on exercises to build an excellent agile plan.

Auditing & Finance

World Gate Ltd. Benin auditing is an excellent way to determine the value of your business and provide the management a clear picture of the past, present, and future state of your company.

Advisory & Our Engagement

Whenever, clients are ready for change in every industry, we partner with them to create lasting value. We continually seek new and better ways to serve our clients...

Corporate Compliance

Starting a business is only the first step of many in its continuous operations. Like most countries, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)...

Tax Consulting

It is mandatory for every business in the Republic of Benin to comply with taxation rules and file corporate taxes. Corporate income taxes are created for...

Construction & Infrastructure

Our construction advisory services covers West Africa and Africa's rapidly growing market across various areas.

Feasibility Studies

International business is a dynamic world and there are instances when special needs call for special services.

Insurance & Healthcare

Insurance is a specialized area which for many is not easily understood be it General Business or Life.

Intellectual Property

Law firms and companies involved in a dispute or litigation, or proactively evaluating intellectual property (IP) in an organization, often require the support of qualified outside...

Payroll Outsourcing

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees, there are provisions guaranteed by the Ministry of Labour and Public Service that must be included in payroll computation...

Private Equity & Investment

We work with private equity firms across the investment lifecycle. Operations and private equity are in our DNA. Since its foundation in 1979, we have been supporting...

Procurement Outsourcing

Procurement Outsourcing is the process whereby a company engages an external service provider to manage their entire core or non-core purchase transactions or spends thereby...

Recruitment & Human Resources

Our full suite of human resource specialists provides a variety of human resource services to help you form a comprehensive and fully functioning organization that caters to...

Resident Agent

We offer Resident Agent Services to foreign individuals/corporations seeking to expand their operations in the Republic of Benin. Our consultants are highly knowledgeable of...

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