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Whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees, there are provisions guaranteed by the Republic of Benin Ministry of Labor and Public Service that must be included in payroll computation. As payroll service providers, World Gate Ltd. Benin can handle any business' payroll requirements – from large BPO corporations with hundreds of employees, to small office enterprises with just a handful of staff. Our accounting practices, in line with the international standard, ensure that companies never overpay – or underpay – their employees, as well as provide them with the necessary employee benefits.

To provide employees with the highest amount of net income from their monthly salary, World Gate Ltd. Benin can use specific payroll structures allowed by the Internal Revenue Service to maximize tax shielding and minimize salary deductions.

World Gate Ltd. Benin works with a cutting-edge payroll platform specifically designed for the Republic of Benin requirements. With both client-based and online versions available, companies can opt for either an internet- or intranet-based system, which also allows the upper management to completely monitor and control payroll proceedings. The platform also features customizable restriction and access for different levels of staff, which can help reduce the time spent by HR personnel on payroll activities.

Our accounting and outsourced payroll services department can process your company's requirements bi-monthly and sends the necessary files to the management for verification. Payslips may be emailed directly to the staff, accessed online, or printed out and delivered directly to your office premises.

Basic Payroll Outsourcing and Processing Services include:

Customization of payroll requirements Provision of online access to payroll files Web-based/online employee self-service Workflow for Sick Leave, Vacation Leave, Overtime, and Expense Approval Provision or integration of electronic Bundy Clock or Bio-Metrics

Payroll is one of the core accounting functions in any company or organization; it is, of course, necessary to pay employees for the work they have contributed to the business. However, internal payroll often drains a company's accounting and HR resources and leaves serious lapses in internal security and control. World Gate Ltd. Benin's tax lawyers and payroll specialists will sit down with you and help your construct a payroll plan that will meet all of your company's various needs.

Government Benefits and Remittance:

Registration of new employees Computation of mandated benefits Computation of additional employer benefits Payment and processing of payments to Government Agencies Submission of Receipts: Submission to Department of Labor Filing Visas for Foreign Staff Covid related submissions.

Additionally, World Gate Ltd. Benin's team of accountants can assist businesses with their end of year employment requirements and renewals.

Let us help you with your payroll outsourcing needs. You can Contact Us for more information.

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