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We work with private equity firms across the investment lifecycle. Operations and private equity are in our DNA. Since its foundation in 1979, we have been supporting private equity firms, pension funds, hedge funds, and their portfolio companies to excel in their mutual value creation from an operational point of view.

In today's world of ever-increasing deal flows and higher multiples paid, private equity firms must create value through several levers, one of them being operations improvements. A successful exit must prove those improvements to be sustained and embedded in the portfolio company. We partner with the private equity firms and the portfolio companies throughout the entire investment cycle starting with the operations due diligence, the first 100-day detailed analysis, operations carve-out and merger integration to the implementation and sustainment of the investment dissertation.

Our asset optimization structure is focused on maintenance reliability and overall equipment effectiveness with a philosophy of improvement driven by data and asset performance. Our consultants understand the strategies associated with growing revenue, as well as improving the product life cycle service cost structure.

Our supply chain, manufacturing, procurement, industrial aftermarket and value engineering and innovation services are led by seasoned professionals who have extensive industry experience.

Changes in operations entail changes in behaviors. Our sustainability workstreams create specific solutions to make sure that the process changes get through the finish line, and the leadership mindset supports the ongoing culture change. Whether it's the setup of the appropriate key performance indicator structure and the meeting cadence for their management, a shopfloor management structure (also applied to areas outside the shopfloor), or the overriding leadership behavior methodology, we apply the appropriate mix of tools to ensure that the changes remain over time.

Our private equity & investment advisory services cover rising investment opportunities various areas:

Portfolio and Performance Management:

Your revenues, assets, and profitability are prone to the impacts of current market turbulence and regulatory changes across the region. Consulting team at World Gate Ltd. Benin gains extensive experience from our portfolio businesses and principal investments which enable us to provide an end-to-end support to improve your bottom line and establish risks management strategies, from planning to implementation.

Merger and Acquisition M&A Strategies:

The increasing trade tensions are affecting executives' decision making as business uncertainties continue to play out. Understanding the impact on merger and acquisition (M&A) potential requires deep, extensive assessment on the challenges, opportunities, and strategies to mitigate risks of investing in the region.

We scrutinize every aspect of the operation that are critical for our private equity clients' investment thesis and will constitute an opportunity for incremental earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation. In today's uncertain times, we also perform a business risk assessment alongside the opportunity analysis. The insight of both components allow our private equity clients balance all factors to submit the best possible bid to the seller.

Exit support:

Pulling off a successful exit is becoming more challenging, as the owner of private equity needs to position the business for delivering value for years to come. World Gate Ltd. Benin's consulting team will support clients to deliver important and successful exit, realizing the value of the firm has created. Our sell side vendor due diligence and synergy assessments provide a critical look into the portfolio's performance and strategies to support the exit. We provide assessment and implementation support required to optimize value during the selling process.

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