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Founded by Daniele Tancredi Sr., registered as World Gate Ltd, in the Benin on 12th of February, 1979 and was incorporated in the United Kingdom on 5th of February 2015 as an International trade consultant in Cotonou, Benin and London, United Kingdom respectively.

World Gate Ltd. Benin is an Organisational Effectiveness consultancy, based in Cotonou city, Republic of Benin, focused on Operational Excellence, Human Capital Excellence, Strategy Execution and Business Transformation. From humble beginnings, today we are proud to be one of the largest privately-owned players in the Cotonou city consulting industry, having created sustainable business value for our blue chip clients for over a decade.

Our range of local, multi-national and international clients span many industries, including Accounting and Payroll Outsourcing, Advisory Services, Tax Consulting, Auditing Services, General Insurance, Healthcare, Human Resources, Recruitment, Intellectual Property, Procurement Outsourcing, Resident Agent, Private Equity and Investment, financial services, the public sector, ICT, FMCG, manufacturing, retail, construction and Infrastructure, et al. Built on a traditional core of Organisational Excellence, we have, over time, evolved towards Organisational Excellence consulting, offering practical, custom-made solutions that are people-focused and fit-for-purpose. We believe that our strength lies in the quality of our official personnels. Our consultants are carefully selected for their deep expertise, as well as their broad experience with diverse methodologies in multiple operating environments.

We providing consulting and training services on Total Quality Management (TQM). We are providing consulting service to organizations/companies and individuals in their desire for the continuous improvement of their operations and performance. By extension, we are established to cater to the management system requirements of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

World Gate Ltd. Benin is a quality practitioner. We practices TQM and does continuous improvement of our operations through clients satisfaction measurement, benchmarking, and reengineering. We offer personalized and complete package services to meet clients' diverse requirements and business needs. We exist not only for compliance reasons and to give tailored solutions, but most specially to guide clients in making sound decisions and strategic plans for continuous growth and success.

We align existing business models to the future. We create new, disruptive business logics and make them work. The best way to master strategic challenges and create innovative business logic is to gather a variety of perspectives and bring in people whose point of view goes beyond what is typical in the industry or specific to the company.

In all of the industries where we are experts, World Gate Ltd. Benin helps business leaders make better decisions more quickly and confidently. Clients value our ability to gather and analyze critical insights, and develop optional business strategies supported by clear and actionable recommendations.

We are passionate about being a proactive force for positive change. We understand the nuances of the African market and have spent years developing solutions tailored to that context. We are involved in creating an end-to-end value chain of business, technical solutions delivery and consulting services. We work alongside our clients, delivering insight-led solutions, built on strategy that work. Our capability is based on a foundation of core consulting skills that support specialist Communities of Practices.

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To build strong partnership with clients through passionate and competitive team that delivers exceptional results by providing high quality and cost-effective professional services.


To be the best choice of start-ups and MSMEs in providing accounting, tax, consulting and other corporate services with utmost care, integrity and reliability.


We are recognized as a top consulting service provider in the Cotonou city by our clients. We are committed to exceed the requirements of our clients and other relevant interested parties and its internal needs. To do this, we shall continuously improve the way we render services in consideration of our strategic directions and response to the changing business environment.

Our philosophy

Business needs thriving societies to succeed. Our philosophy is centred on enabling a better society for all and sense of collective effort towards a shared vision. Each leg of our services reinforces the other; setting them apart, making them strong.

Client Centered

We listen and focus on each client's needs to give exemplary satisfaction.

Adaptability to Change

we can adhere to various changes, either within the organization or from external environment such as laws and technological advancements.

Reliable Partner

we are consistent in giving our clients the best solution available as commitment to excellence in our practice.

Excellent Teamwork

we always work as a dedicated team, because we believe that collaboration of ideas and workforce will result to productiveness and great output.

Your Say

Each client is unique, and we embrace it by being flexible to deliver solution for every need. We also have different communication platforms which make our engagement smoother by ensuring that all concerns and inquiries are addressed within 24 hours with highest standards. Indeed, client satisfaction is our top priority. And because we really care, let's do the hard work for you. Let's get start start now.

Our Team Members

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Michelle Sloan


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