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What We Offer

Our full suite of human resource specialists provides a variety of human resource services to help you form a comprehensive and fully functioning organization that caters to both your company and employee needs.

Organizational Development

We provide end-to-end assistance for your organizational development needs. We can help with the conceptualization and implementation of key organizational needs, from Company Mission and Vision Statement, Corporate Values, Strategic Leadership Development, Succession Planning, and Organizational Charts.

Records Management:

Every company has recordkeeping and files management needs to ensure that its records are safe and easily accessible for employees. We provide records management services for your company, from job offer letters, probationary employment contracts, regularization employment contracts, company manual and policies, memorandums, and quitclaims.

Salary Structure, Compensation, and Benefits:

We can help our clients determine the best compensation packages for their employees and keep them up-to-date with industry trends and standards. We provide services such as salary benchmarking and structure, benefits administration, annual salary increase, salary alignment, and bonus planning, design, and review.

Talent Sourcing:

Finding the right talent for your company can be tricky. We have a large pool of HR and recruitment specialists that can assist your business with identifying and searching for the most ideal candidate that best matches your company's needs. We provide talent acquisition, background checks, performance management systems, retention, and termination services to our clients.

Executive Coaching:

We provide a series of executive coaching services from young executive fast-tracking, general performance management, sales performance assessment, management preparation, enhancement of strategic thinking, and conflict management.

Our Human Resource Process

We follow a simple 5-step process to accommodate your human resource needs.

Analysis and Problem Diagnosis Strategy Development Proposal of Solution Solution Installation and Implementation Post-installation Evaluation and Monitoring

Note: The specific timeline for our implementation process may vary depending on the type of service and client specifications.

Secure A Full Human Resource Services for Your Organization

As an entrepreneur, it is essential to ensure that all aspects of your human resource processes are on par with current industry standards to enable your organization to function at its optimal pace. Our full suite of HR consulting services can help your business develop comprehensive HR policies, placing your organization at an advantage in the long run.

Recruitment Solutions

World Gate Ltd. Benin support our clients to fill their key management and leadership positions with the best available candidates in the market. It is our priority to provide strategic search assistance to our clients for them to become more competitive and improve on their performance optimal placements. We guarantee to recommend people that are best fit for the respective company culture, leadership requirement of the organization, and work environment. We deliver our search services with the following:

Defining the exact profile and agree on a search strategy, taking both corporate culture and required leadership competencies into account Identify suitable candidates through different sources, mainly through direct search Candidates interviews and selection, recommending the most suitable ones to the client with individual profile reports Placing the best candidate Conduct Comprehensive Background check as part of the services

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