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Law firms and companies involved in a dispute or litigation, or proactively evaluating intellectual property (IP) in an organization, often require the support of qualified outside resources to assist them with any economic IP issues. World Gate Ltd. Benin have a deep understanding of these situations, and the breadth and depth of experience to provide independent expert opinions to courts and tribunals. For decades, clients around the world have relied on our integrated senior teams to expertly assist with both contentious and non-contentious IP work.

How We Help:

We are a leading IP damages and valuation firm, and draw upon our expertise in accounting, economics and finance. Whether you're dealing with IP disputes, developing IP strategy or conducting IP valuations, you benefit from our participation. We understand the relevant factors, such as accepted or preferred valuation approaches and practices, contractual or statutory frameworks, and case law precedent that can determine or influence value. Our decades of expertise in specific industries allows us to help clients across every sectors of economics.

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Consulting services and solutions:

We are well equipped to manage and advise on non-litigation IP engagements, including valuation, strategy, royalty audits and intellectual asset management and asset transactions. Clients look to us to help them understand and maximize the value of their intangible business assets. We combine economic and finance techniques to ascertain and present the value of IP assets to customers, licensees and regulators. Using econometrics and benchmark analyses, we develop robust valuations of IP assets for our clients to use in establishing transfer prices and to assist in establishing licensing/royalty rates and sales values for IP assets. We calculate losses from IP infringement, develop pricing structures for IP valuation and licensing, manage the purchase or sale of IP assets, negotiate with tax authorities and determine IP-related losses in legal disputes and arbitrations.

Expert witness services:

Our experts are regularly engaged by clients in cases of patent infringement, trade secret misappropriation, non-compete/non-solicitation, breach of contract, copyright, trademarks, and international trade commission matters. We deliver both written and oral evidence, and testify as expert witnesses before various judicial authorities, in both federal and state courts as well as the International Trade Commission and before arbitration tribunals, to help determine losses and remedies due to improper use of IP assets.

We deliver independent, unbiased analyses and expert reports and opinions:

We calculate monetary damages after a finding on liability in favor of the claimant, and determine a company's lost profits or reasonable royalties. In addition, we determine how much the defendant has been unjustly enriched or profited, if applicable. Our experts also provide opinions on domestic industry, public interest, remedy and bonding at the International Trade Commission.

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