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Feasibility Studies

International business is a dynamic world and there are instances when special needs call for special services. We provide a series of specialized services and these range from simple finance arrangements to forensic auditing. We have a good track of feasibility studies with specialization in businesses which require regulatory license.

Feasibility Studies and Project Planning

We assist clients into planning new business ventures offering them the right tools to see a clear path of how to achieve their inspirations, the viability of their objectives and the real requirements. We have carried out feasibility studies spanning over a wide variety of fields including the uniqueness of all sphere of businesses and economies. We have managed the overall project of bringing a number of them into life.

Financial Restructuring and Company Reorganization

Companies sometimes reach a point that leaves them no room for development or worse leads them downwards. We assist clients into reviewing their operations and current practices, and assist them to move forward by reorganizing their internal procedures, reorganizing the structure of their companies including but not limited to the movement of assets and shareholding structures but also their financial requirements in order to achieve the best return of their investment.

Company Listing

When business reaches the point when expansion requires serious financing then the next step is the listing of shares in an approved Market. We have a track record for participating during the whole process for companies in the Republic of Benin. We can provide valuable advice and assist with a step by step analytical process of reaching a successful listing.

Good Corporate Governance Practices

Today's regulatory environment calls for the application of best practices in the areas of Corporate Governance. Our experience with public companies help us to give the best possible advise to our clients seeking to apply the essential governance principles that will make their companies stand out.

Feasibility Studies

We can develop a detailed Feasibility Study that can discuss in details the merits of your project / business. This shall include a brief Marketing Plan, Business Plan, and detailed Financial Projections. The Feasibility Studies prepared are useful for business owners in validating the viability of the business, and is effective in helping clients acquire Business Loans from financial institutions.

Business Development

We provide services for new and existing businesses to remain competitive in the complex marketplace. This covers all aspects of developing your business by providing professional one-on-one counseling and direct assistance for your business key requirements such as sourcing suppliers, identifying local strategic partners, identifying viable sites/locations for your business, developing corporate structures as well as work flows and systems.

Project Conceptualization and Business Planning

We prepares and presents Project Feasibility Studies and Business Plans, showing possible development alternatives based on the potentials of the properties or the Industry. The studies can focus mainly on the marketability of the Project vis-à-vis its financial viability. A dynamic conceptual approach and market-based facts is the key in preparing our business and conceptual plans.

Industry / Market Research and Surveys

We can initiate and implement a detailed research of current market conditions, trends and determine market preferences through acquisition of both primary and secondary data. Primary data is often acquired through the conduct of surveys of live respondents – depending on the requirement of the study. We conduct surveys and present a detailed analysis of all collated data.

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